2015 Butterfly Reports

Butterfly Report 2015

by Jenny White

Butterfly numbers were still disappointing this year but somewhat better than in 2014. As a keen vegetable grower I was pleased with the dearth of Large and Small Cabbage White, but I missed their spiralling flight patterns in the sun.
I was delighted to record a Brimstone in April. Red Admiral, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell were similar to last year and I did get a small flurry of Painted Lady in

September (none in 2014). Speckled Wood were spotted from July until October with five on my Mexican Orange bush one day. Comma numbers however were low. In June and October I had a Humming bird hawk moth, always a boost to the spirit (none last year).

The late autumn warmth and sunshine meant that I recorded later than last year with five tattered Red Admiral and one Small Tortoiseshell seen on November 3rd.

Butterfly Sightings 2015

by Jean Helm

20 March: first Peacock: Danby Hall

5 April: Peacock x3, Comma, l Tortoiseshell x4: Helms' garden 6 April: Brimstone: Jervaulx
9 April: Brimstone, Orange-tip x3: Nosterfield
23 June: Green-veined White x7: Arkengarthdale

3 July: Speckled Wood x5, Red Admiral x2, Meadow Brown x3, Ringlet x2, Small Copper: Leyburn riverside. Small Blue x1: Glebe Field
30 July: Comma, Gatekeeper x2: Helm's garden
8 Aug: 3" hairy caterpiller: Harkerside

20 Aug: Painted Lady x2, Comma x2, Peacock x12, Red Admiral x4, Small Tortoiseshell x8, S White x3

15 Sept: S Tortoiseshell x20, Red Admiral x8, Peacock x6, Painted Lady x2: Helm's garden

3 Oct: Speckled Wood: Helm's conservatory
19 Oct: Comma, S Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral x2, Large White: Helm's garden