2015 Bird Report

Bird report 2015

by Sonia Elsey

Members' Bird Records 2015
Commonly seen resident birds such as members of the thrush, tit, finch, corvid

families, some ducks, Dunnock & Wren will not be listed separately or this report will be several pages long.

Great Crested Grebe nested at Staveley NR in June. Little Grebe were often on the pond at Jervaux.
Cormorant was seen on the River Ure in April. Grey Heron was regularly seen in suitable habitats all year. A Little Egret was seen at Bellerby, Spennithorne Redmire & Hunton - possibly the same bird.

A pair of Mute Swan with five cygnets was at Staveley NR in June. A flock 50+ Whooper Swan flew over Thornton Rust in March
Shelduck, Wigeon, Teal, Tufted Duck & Shoveller were found mainly in autumn & winter on various wetlands such as Nosterfield & Marfield .

Goosander were seen on the River Ure
A Sparrow Hawk was seen on a visit to Easby & also in gardens at Bellerby & West Witton. Buzzard were regularly seen throughout the area. A Red Kite was seen on a

visit to Bellflask NR in September. A Black Kite was seen flying over Litton Dale in April (a first for Yorkshire). Kestrel was seen several times from the Leyburn/Richmond Rd. A Peregrine was seen hunting over the pools at Nosterfield NR in November. Merlin nest at Castle Bolton.

Lapwing, Curlew, Oystercatcher, Snipe, Redshank, Golden Plover were seen mostly on wetlands but also nesting on moorland. Two Common Sandpiper were seen on the River Ure in April.
Black Grouse were seen in Arkengarth Dale in March. Woodcock were seen near Redmire and Castle Bolton throughout the year.

Two pairs of Common Tern nested at Staveley NR in June.
Several Cuckoo were heard in spring around Castle Bolton.
Tawny Owls were heard & seen throughout the area. Barn Owl was often seen in Bellerby & also Dale Grove Leyburn (same bird?), and also seen in Castle Bolton/Redmire/Carperby. A Long-Eared Owl was seen on a post by the Richmond/Leyburn Rd in November. Short-eared Owl have been seen on the Bolton Estate moors.
Kingfisher were seen on the River Ure .
The first Swift were seen at Leyburn Station May 4th first Swallow at Bellerby April9th, Sandmartin were nesting in the Ure river banks & House Martin flying over Leyburn Glebe field in April.
Skylark were heard over Richmond old race-course in spring, & at Staveley NR in June.
Pied Wagtail were often seen in Leyburn market place. A pair of Grey Wagtail was seen on the river at Richmond Station, and another at Redmire Falls.
Redstart were seen in Arkengarth Dale in June & at Askrigg in August.
A Spotted Flycatcher was seen in Arkengarth Dale in June, and at Crackpot in July. The first Chiffchaff was heard April 2nd, Willow Warbler April15th, & Blackcap April 22nd, all in Leyburn. A Garden Warbler was heard near Wensley May18th. Several Sedge Warbler were at Staveley NR in June.
Goldcrest were seen in Spennithorne in January & February.
Nuthatch were often heard & seen in mature trees around Leyburn.
Tree Sparrow were on a feeder in Castle Bolton July 8th. Reed Bunting were seen at Staveley NR in June. A Yellowhammer was seen at Nosterfield in April & often seen along the Barden Rd.

A Greater Spotted Woodpecker family visited a feeder in Castle Bolton in Spring & a male was seen in a Leyburn garden in November.
This report was compiled in mid December & as yet no records of visiting winter thrushes have been received.

Thanks to S.Sims, R Hall, D Millward, J Elsey, J Helm, D Bell for their records. Records for 2016 can be sent to soniaelsey@btinternet.com.